Corrective Lenses

Meditation has helped with my perception of the world. When I meditate, I see things closer to the way they actually are. When I don’t meditate, my vision gets distorted.

Without the centering practice, I start to divide people into better and worse, rather than seeing them as the truly magnificent creatures that they are. All of them.

I also begin to interpret data that might otherwise be neutral. This is also to my detriment as it inevitably causes pain.

Well, until there’s a laser surgery version of Vipassana, it comes down to committing to the practice and not forgetting to wear my glasses every morning.

It’s important to see things as they are. It helps us think of them as they are. Which, in turn helps us speak about them as they are.

Best of all, wearing corrective lenses seems to keep the sensitive, demanding, attention-seeking, needy and downright annoying ego at bay.

Wear your glasses. Who cares how they make you look?

One thought on “Corrective Lenses


    “The reason you were faster is because your attention had already been drawn to the angry face, even though you may not have been aware of that.”
    The tests confirmed I have a fundamentally negative bias. To counter this, Elaine suggested I try a short course of CBM (cognitive bias modification) and mindfulness meditation.

    They then rigorously scored these diaries for optimistic or pessimistic outlook. Nuns who live in a closed community are a good group to study because they live in the same environment for most of their lives, eating the same foods and having similar experiences.
    When the researchers traced what had happened to the nuns they discovered that those who expressed the most positive emotions about life when they were in their early 20s lived up to 10 years longer than those who expressed the least.
    As for me, after seven weeks of doing mindfulness meditation and CBM I felt much calmer and returned to Prof Fox’s lab for more tests. The results were extremely encouraging.

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