The Internal Therapist

So much is spent on self-help books. More is spent on prescription medications that are meant to treat emotions (?!). And still MORE is spent on lengthy therapeutic sessions with mental health professionals. And yet here, within the body human, lies the greatest and most effective therapist in the — hmmmmm — in the…well, in ourselves I guess.

A single one-hour session with the dynamic duo that is Awareness & Equanimity leaves me worlds better than I was before. No affirmations. No ruminating about the problem until insight comes. No writing my feelings on paper and burning them. The only salve I have applied is the present moment. Paying attention to now and peacefully observing it. Enter relief.

It seems perfectly magical and I wonder what else we can do that seems simple. It really feels like a power when I consider how important and relevant my feelings can seem at times.

I’m so very grateful for the free and effective alleviation technique that this body/consciousness has come equipped with. It’s really quite something.

May ALL being be truly happy.


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