I haven’t meditated for a week and it’s definitely showing.

I just remembered this blog and have to leave for work now.

On the flip side, my garden is planted and I met someone wonderful.

Sorry if you feel let down. It will pass.

Love to you all; and don’t forget to meditate.

About conspicuousluminescence

Patrick shies away from labels but shamelessly flirts with titles. He is an artist focused on producing joy in audiences through the medium of humour. If forced at mathpoint, he might concede to give himself the title of singer, songwriter, writer, dancer, comedian, and even puppeteer. "So he's an actor?" Nope. Patrick's background is in arts administration; he has worked with a number of theatrical festivals including the Vancouver International Fringe Festival, the PUSH International Performing Arts Festival, The Magnetic North Theatre Festival, and the ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art. By using the critical thinking skills he garnered at University and combining them with his appreciation of the tragic elements of drama (i.e. that moment when you realize you are several thousand dollars in debt and only possess a working knowledge of Shakespeare, feminism, and Plato) as well as the comic elements of drama (i.e. the first half of this sentence), Patrick managed to attract a performing job to his doorstep...literally. Having successfully crossed over to the other side of the curtain, he currently teaches stern-faced lessons in a one-room schoolhouse wearing 1870s period costume. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" For Patrick, it was "Fake 1870s Schoolmaster" or bust. His only real ambition is the attainment of real peace, real harmony, and real happiness. A walk-up in Manhattan couldn't hurt either.
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3 Responses to Blarg!

  1. Ryan Shelton says:

    Starrrrt agaaaaaain… 🙂

    • conspicuousluminescence says:

      LOL! That’s perfect! I was doing some eyes open scans at work today. Sorry to let you down.

      Totally…staaaaaart again. With a calm, clear mind.

      Loves, P


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