When considering an untrained mind, the idea of accountability is confusing. If a person isn’t in control of their own mind how can we hold them accountable for their actions? If I’m not in control of my own mind, how do I hold myself accountable? It might be that reaching a stage of mental control through meditation where a person could be held accountable is quite an accomplishment.

Accepting that people have varying levels of control of their minds is a double-edged sword. This understanding has allowed me to forgive myself for harming others in the past and to forgive others for harming me. So many bottled up feelings of anger, frustration, confusion, and disappointment have slowly disappeared which has helped all of my relationships to become more loving.

But are we letting people off the hook for reckless behaviors by chalking it up to mental impurities? Don’t rewards, punishments, and expectations help people to focus and overcome these impurities? Should we be accountable for our own mental impurities? It seems that either I’m missing a big piece of this puzzle or the paradigm of our schools, employers, and judicial system are fundamentally flawed. Maybe time will help clarify which is true. Time to meditate.

One thought on “Accountability

  1. Anonymous

    The laws of the land may miss a misdeed of person and not punish. However, that person will not escape from the fruits of his action. It may ripen now or later. If this not the case, why I go through layers and layers of good-bad-ugly during longs periods of silent observation.

    There is interesting character in Indian mythology – Chitra Gupta – literally “hidden pictures”. He is supposed to go through all of your impressions at the time of death and decide where you should go – hell/heaven/some-other-place. During one of the moments of clarity/concentration in a course, i could literally go through 1000s impressions of mine in a flash. It is not some Chitra Gupta will review my stuff, but one of those impression will come up with all its associated emotions/sensations/etc. The laws of nature are perfect. No doubt it.

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