Connecting Vipassana To Societal Challenges

I just watched the informative documentary “Food, Inc.” which explains some real consequences of large corporations taking over the American food industry. Watching it lead me to think more about the actual problem, but I’m still confused about the proper solution. From a Vipassana prospective, this seems like a simple addiction to money and the things that come with it like power, greed, arrogance. While individuals are trying to overcome this problem through the business of organics, legal battles, and political change, it seems like we’ll be swimming up river unless people start reevaluating what they want.

I’ve been amazed by how Vipassana has helped me become more aware of the true reality of what it takes to create a happy and healthy life. The only way I know to get at the root of this issue is for the food businessmen to practice Vipassana so they can experience the harm they’re causing with themselves, but that’s completely unrealistic. I can’t convince my friends and family to practice Vipassana so it definitely couldn’t be a solution for such a large scale problem.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the only problem isn’t addiction to money, and maybe the only solution isn’t Vipassana, but it still makes me wonder how to Vipassana can help these large scale problems. Are other attempts at solutions just wastes of time? What is it that inspires someone to practice Vipassana? Does Vipassana help with these types of problems?

Does anyone have an inspirational story to share about how Vipassana actually shifted a community perspective? I’ve seen it change individuals but on a community scale, I’m just happy to meditate with a few people. I would enjoy doing more to help communities find solutions to their problems but I’m not sure how. Let me know if you’ve got any insights! Time to meditate.

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