A Subtler And Subtler Reality

I’m amazed by how many versions of reality exist. Each person on this planet has pieced together their life experiences into their own personal truth. The strange part is that they’re all true. I can’t tell someone else that their personal experiences are false and no one can tell me my personal experiences are false. So what do we do when two individuals’ truths disagree?

I’m amazed by how Vipassana allows me to dissect my understanding of reality into smaller and smaller pieces or subtler and subtler truths. When a disagreement at a gross level is broken into smaller pieces, it is often possible to find a common root. For example, when parent observes child aggressively playing with their child, they might yell at the aggressive child’s parents for potentially harming their baby. The aggressive child’s parents might see rough housing as an opportunity for their child to grow stronger in preparation for facing the harsh realities of our world as an adult. The parents disagree about how to properly play together, but both are trying to protect their child.

This is just one example, but I’ve observed similar clarity in many of my beliefs through meditation. Instead of getting wrapped up in the conflict or disagreement, I’m able to dissect these problems into their varying components. Each belief that I thought was solid and reliable has been dissolved and replaced by a more solid truth. These truths are just as impermanent as the rest of reality and Vipassana has shown me not to hold on to tightly to them. Instead, I should embrace these differences as opportunities to learn more subtle truths.

I had a hard time finding strength in impermanence when I started this practice. I used to find strength and support from a rigid set of unchanging beliefs. I’ve now discovered that those rigid belief are what brough conflict into my life. With patience, Vipassana can help people align their beliefs on very subtle levels, but the only way this can happen is if we’re willing to explore truth how it really is, not how we want to see it. It’s the only way to true peace. Time to go meditate.

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