I’m both a biologist and a human being and I’m fascinated by what draws people and animals to each other. We’re attracted to certain things and repelled by others but why? As a biologist the first question is always how do you attract a mate. It’s important that males can demonstrate health and strength because females want to have healthy and strong children. Then animal kingdom has thousands of ways to accomplish this.

Humans have their own games involving titles, money, and physical appearance. We don’t only attract mates with these cues but we also attract friends, communities, jobs, hobbies, music, and even trouble. It doesn’t happen a lot, but there are times when people seem to be placed on my path. We’re mutually drawn to each other for some unknown reason. There’s more than just visual cues involved. There’s something deeper going on. I’ve also experience the “dark cloud” effect where everything in my world seems to be going wrong. This again seems to have its roots in something deeper than the five senses.

So is my meditation practice purifying my vibration so I attract more positive energies to myself? Does a certain vibration come with particular sensory cues? Does someone look attractive because they have a positive vibration or do the develop a positive vibration because their physical attraction draws positive energy to them? How does the ultimate reality that I’m discovering through meditation interact with the apparent reality I’ve been learning about my entire life?

Isn’t it amazing how finding the answer to one question often brings up 5 new questions? Science is great. I’m enjoying trying to combine the wisdom I gain from science with that gained from meditation. Something tells me this journey has just begun. I guess this post was about questions instead of answers. I hope it gives you something to meditate on.

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