Only Wholesome Acts

It’s Friday night, I’m home alone, and I’m content. This is a new feeling for me. Just last year I would have felt like I was missing an opportunity to celebrate and have fun. In my sitting this evening a thought came into my head and stuck. “I only want to perform wholesome acts.” Wow! That seems so simple but also kind of silly. I’m the master of the grey area. I read between the lines to figure out what I can get away with while still following the rules. There are so many ways to manipulate different systems that I figured the was the best way to get result. Friday night was a time to practice this trade with some strangers at the bar and a few drinks in my belly. Finding the loopholes was what made things fun.

Now I’m at home alone on a Friday night and I’m content. Don’t misunderstand. I plan to have a lot more fun in my lifetime. I’m excited to go on many more adventures. The difference is, if the opportunities for fun and adventure are not wholesome, I’m just not interested in participating. I’m confident that as I become more established in my wholesome ways opportunities for wholesome fun will arise. I refuse to be bored or settle for sub par entertainment but I realize that it will take time for my new identity to get established in the world. I’m excited for those future good times and adventures, but for now I’m content staying at home, meditating by myself, and working on my blog. Let me know when you want to join me on an adventure.

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