Sleep Less, Really?

In one of Goenka’s discourses he mentions that a meditator can easily cut out one hour of sleep each night. For a long time I couldn’t relate to this because my experience was exactly the opposite. I found meditation to be exhausting and often after I meditated I wanted to take a nap. This new meditation technique was pulling up such difficult and painful experiences that it took all of my strength just to face them.

In the last week I’ve noticed a change. I’m waking up one or two hours earlier than I used to and I’m making it through the day just fine. There are still times that I catch myself expecting to be tired due to the lack of sleep and this makes me feel a little groggy but once I catch myself I seem to be able to bounce back. Naturally waking up an hour early has certainly made it easier to fit my meditations into my schedule but it has taken me a couple of years to get here. So don’t get too frustrated if you don’t see this change right away and try not to question whether the teacher knows what he’s talking about. This, along with many other aspects of this technique, just seems to take time.

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