I wonder if remembering dreams is correlated with how settled your conscious mind is. The only two times I consistently remember my dreams are when I’m at a Vipassana course and when I’m backpacking. When I’m at home I get wrapped up in my thoughts which might be distracting me from my sensations. When I’m on a course or on a backpacking trip I tend to stay in the present moment more consistently and pay more attention to how I feel. While my sample size is one person this does seem logical.

In the last week I’ve remembered my dreams every night. It could be just an obscure cluster on my scatter plot of data but I’ve observed that I’m becoming more settled and comfortable with my practice. I’m feeling more comfortable identifying myself as a meditator so I spend less time worrying about it. I’ve learned how to complete my daily tasks and interactions with dhamma in mind but without dhamma interfering. I’ve established a small community of meditators and have found some fun hobbies that allow me to maintain sila (morality). This has allowed me to become consistently more relaxed.

So I’ve started remembering my dreams. They’re not exciting super hero dreams or startling scary dreams. They’re actually pretty tame and normal. I wonder if I’m becoming more engaged and satisfied with my daily life so I don’t need to fantasize about different worlds and dimensions. It has only been a week so I’m not ready to jump to any conclusions but remembering my dreams consistently is a noteworthy event. Time to go meditate.

3 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. naturalfarmer

    Can relate to this too! My dreams in during my last 10 day course were quite exquisite! But, unlike you, I am having difficulty to maintain my practice, after a month a half back in the real world. Needless to say, haven’t remembered many of my dreams as of late! But, still there are many effects of my vipassana and dhamma-turned mind which go on, though i do not make it 2 hours a day lately.

  2. ryanshelton7

    Thanks for your comments. Try not to get discouraged with your practice. It’s slow and a lot of work but it does seem to get easier.

  3. Since my last course, I’ve been dreaming that way too almost every night. I was getting a bit freaked out by it before.. but I find it quite fascinating now 🙂

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