New Life Goals

Three years ago I had a mission: create a life near an urban meditation center and help dhamma spread. This mission drove my wife and I to move to a new city, support the birth of a new Center, buy a house, and establish ourselves in new careers. I’m amazed how successful we were with this massive transition and now it’s time to create new goals. The struggle is that some of my assumptions with this new life have not been accurate.

I assumed that having an accessible meditation center would allow dhamma to leach into the surrounding community. I assumed serious meditators would flock to Delaware for the opportunity to integrate a serious dhamma life with work and family. I assumed that students at my school would be inspired to meditate if I simply shared some of my experiences. All of these assumptions are either incorrect or developing at a much slower rate than I anticipated. We took a big risk and I expected dhamma to figure everything else out for us. While we created the foundation for a healthy dhammic life here, I’m still trying to discover what exactly that looks like.

Five years ago I started this blog to help me navigate the confusing integration of Vipassana into my daily life. Today I’m hoping that writing will again help me to find clarity in my life. I’m not sure how my life will evolve from this moment, but I hope that sharing my journey will provide support for others struggling with similar challenges. Time to meditate.

3 thoughts on “New Life Goals

  1. Your writing is a breath of life to me. I am president of a newly formed centre (Dec 2014 – Dhamma Karuna), but we are not in a large city. We are very remote – an hour from small towns on either side and 3 hours from a major city (Calgary), where I live. I call it our little meditation centre on the prairies. If you have any advice on attracting long term servers to take that leap, I would love to hear them. Thank you for your writing. Inspirational!

  2. Hi Joan! Thanks for reading. Finding long term servers is tricky but most I’ve met have come from the courses at our Center. You just do the best you can to build relationships with everyone that comes through and wait for someone who has the volition to take it on. Maybe someone will be inspired by your writing. Good luck!

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