One Step

I think that as long as we do our best in each moment we are on the path of Dhamma. That doesn’t have to be direct meditation. It has to simply do with being good to ourselves and anyone else. Everyone has the potential for that, just like we can all become Buddha. We all have this inside us; the good and the bad. We have our paths and ultimately I’d like to think that goodness has the winning ticket. Over everything, goodness and purity will prevail, because in all of history goodness has been the only thing to change.

The change of heart is the change; the change of view from hate to love, from separation to integration and appreciation. Nobody but us can make that decision and it takes a change of heart to do so. It takes a change of heart to have a change of heart. A preliminary step to the edge before you can jump off, hands free into the Dhamma nature; the natural awareness of a changing being-ness of all that we are. It takes only one step closer each time to that edge. One step is always just as important as the last, because it all starts with the first step. It all starts with you and you start with this. Here and now, this breath, to reset in this moment without a preconceived thought.

I often have heard about the true self. The almighty one that we are; that pure being. I’ve conceptualized it into something usually outside of this moment. Which in this moment, if I’m feeling a little discomfort, it seems like a nice idea to find this pure self. That in this imaginary super self I’ll be free from all suffering. I’ve realized that if I am my true self, I will be in this discomfort fully without a means to avoid it or get beyond it. It can’t be a concept. The purest being is what is happening now and if I’m fully with that I won’t find see it as a discomfort. I’ll feel it for what it is. Then, in that moment, I’ll take a step.


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