Confessions of a Serial Meditator

An anonymous old student left the following link as a comment on my blog. It is the wonderfully engaging tale of his first 10 day course and the period that followed. I highly recommend this entertaining read.—Confessions-of-a-Serial-Meditator—Tales-of-the-Minds-by-Anonymous.aspx

I’m also going to start writing only once a week. I hope to share more posts from a variety of old students. If you would like to share something on this blog please email it to me at

Time to meditate.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Serial Meditator

  1. Son of Goenka

    Hello. I have uploaded a slightly revised version of Confessions of a Serial Meditator (with less typos!!):–Confessions-of-a-Serial-Meditator-Tales-of-the-Mind-Vol-1-2nd-Edition-less-typo-by-Anonymous.aspx?

    I have also uploaded the second volume, ‘Trials of a Wannabe Buddha’:–Trials-of-a-Wannabe-Buddha-A-Novel-Experience-Vol-2-by-Anonymous.aspx?

    If you click on ‘About Title’ there is a short bio and some general information.

    Vipassana III: Impermanence, is well underway. 😇

  2. Son of Goenka

    Vipassana III – Impermanence: To Live and To Die:–Impermanence-To-Live-and-To-Die–Volume-Three-by-Anonymous.aspx?

    It all began like this: a middle-aged man was having a mid-life crisis (the 5th by his reckoning, the first having been when he was 19). He found himself to be very free, without a permanent female companion, and his only son heading off to university far, far away. Wanting to ‘get his head together’, he decided a Vipassana ten-day silent retreat would be a great way to start, and so it was. Whether it got his head together, or blew it apart, is for you, the reader, to decide.

    ‘Confessions of a Serial Meditator’ describes that experience, what led him to it, and what it led him to. ‘Adventures of a Wannabe Buddha’ soon descended into ‘Trials of a Wannabe Buddha’, but even that felt more like being committed than the freedom he knew he had, but couldn’t quite run to earth. That’s when the alien showed up, dressed as a Blues Brother, and the real adventure began. The Wannabe Buddha became a ‘Monk on a Mission’, a paradoxical combination of a modern-day ascetic and cosmic comic.

    As the meditations deepened, and consciousness heightened, it was clear that there was more at stake than one man’s mind, and the battle within it; our beloved Mother Earth was going through her own mid-life crisis (perhaps her 5th one too?). Of course she would be fine, in time, but the future of her master species—yep, us lot: you, me and every other poor soul—was in the balance. The end of the world, or the dawn of a new age?

    Impermanence: To Live and To Die. Which way will it go? Only one way to find out. And don’t forget, this is a true story… it just hasn’t happened yet.

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