Written by Dipanshu Mansingka from Hyderabad, India

It’s been a week since Pujya Guruji passed away.

For 2 days I felt different as across world meditators meditated and practised Vipassana and giving metta to him.

I said to myself and the nature, may I get a life where I can grow in dhamma with him. Is it a desire or samma sankalp, I do not know. Rebirth is still a hyphothesis for me.

At the age of 10 I got opportunity to do 2 ten day courses back to back with him. I still need to make most out of what I learnt. There were no assistant teachers at that time.

The year before that at Dhammagiri every day I used to get opportunity to meet him and Mataji and get metta. Narayanji and Yadavji used to allow. (Them and their families have done great service.) Mother used to stand outside.

The real gratitude would be to establish myself in dhamma. And then preach in what I have established.

In 1985 I was given opportunity to welcome chief guest on dias for a seminar. I enthusiastically participated late in the night for preparation.

In 1988/89 first course for teenager was conducted  and I had opportunity to sit in   first row and do course with him.

In 1998/99 after sitting my only 30 day course, I had opportunity to travel with him for about 2 months for a North India tour where he gave public talks. During this tour I got one opportunity to directly serve them. On my 30 day course I got metta from him a couple of times.

As he said, on what land you sow the seed equally matters. I pay my gratitude to him and his family as they equally sacrificed for the last 45 years. His youngest son was 17 yrs old when guruji started teaching.
I make strong determination to walk on the path and establish myself in dhamma. I recall how in debt I felt after coming out of 30 day course.

I pay my gratitude to him.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Tom Whitemore

    Thank you Dipanshu for sharing your experience. I am particularly interested in what you said:

    “The real gratitude would be to establish myself in dhamma. And then preach in what I have established.”

    I would be very interested to understand more your perception of ‘establishing myself in dhamma’ and ‘preaching in what I have established’. What does that mean for you on a day to day basis?

    With metta


  2. i try to follow dhamma, and at times discuss or guide to my friends. Later to realize that I myself do not follow and preach to my friends and people around. One of the Buddha couplets the wise one will preach in what he/she has established first.

  3. Daily Words of the Buddha for October 21, 2013

    Attānameva paṭhamaṃ
    patirūpe nivesaye
    na kilisseyya paṇḍito.

    One should first establish oneself
    in what is proper and only then
    try to instruct others. Doing this,
    the wise one will not be criticized.

    Dhammapada 12.158
    Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

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