Are We a Community?

One reason I started this blog was that I felt alone. I had experienced the profound potential of Vipassana, but I was having all of these experiences in my own little bubble. I didn’t want anyone else to feel this way so I decided to share my story. Of course, no one’s story is exactly the same as mine. I don’t expect anyone to try to emulate my experiences. I just hope that you see enough similarities in our journeys to motivate you to continue.

There’s no doubt that you’ll face bumps in the road, and you’ll face choices regarding whether to continue practicing meditation or not. Maybe you’ll check out this blog at those times and be inspired to keep going a little further.

I also realize that the opposite may be true. You might read about the many difficulties I’ve faced with my practice and decide that it’s not worth it. If that was the result of my story, I was open to sharing that too. When I started meditating I wanted answers and struggled to find them. Maybe this blog will help you find some of those answers.

Yet my goal was never to tell people what their journey should look like nor to teach them how to live their lives. I wanted to celebrate the diversity of live that Vipassana could impact for the better. Slowly, more and more people have contributed to the blog, and more and more people are reading the blog. I know we’re making small contributions to the dhamma community, but are we a community within this group? Do you feel that sense of connecting with the dhamma community that motivates you to keep meditating. Do you feel a little less isolated in your practice when you read this blog? I hope so. I hope you’re finding true happiness in your life wherever dhamma takes you. Time to meditate.

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