A Shifting Perspective

Over the last week the last deeply rooted sankara of fear and anger towards an individual has dissolved which has change my entire perspective. While I was harboring this fear and anger, I could never fully open up and feel unconditional love for all beings. Part of me was afraid of being hurt by opening up, and part of me was angry that someone would hurt me when I opened up, but both of these conditions were in my head and not in the reality of my world. After 3 years of daily meditation it feels like I can finally open up to the world and this might change my life completely.

I’ve always been driven to make the world a better place. Intuitively, I felt there was something wrong with the way our society functioned, so when I found Vipassana I felt like I had discovered the tool that could help purify the goals of society. The problem is, nearly everyone I know and meet has no interest in meditating so a change isn’t as simple as telling everyone to go meditate. I didn’t know another way to truly help someone if they didn’t want to meditate so I was stuck.

After this recent shift, I feel like I can make a huge contribution to the world and the people in my sphere but unconditionally loving them (as best I can). Everyone has their own journey to live. Who am I to say they’re living the wrong journey? But it seems that everyone is on a quest to find unconditional love in their own way, and I can try to give them that. Vipassana feels like the tool I’ve found to become a more loving person. As a loving person I can care for everyone, not just others interested in meditation. What an interesting journey this is. Time to meditate.

2 thoughts on “A Shifting Perspective

  1. Hi Ryan, I love your blog and often feel like leaving comments but it’s taken me over 50 years to realise that unsolicited advice is rarely welcome and seldom acted upon. A few years ago my sister had cancer and I was full of what I thought was loving and useful advice. I encouraged her to take up yoga because I thought it would relax her and help her to build up stamina after chemo and radiotherapy. I bought her a recipe book for people undergoing chemo and lent and gave her relaxation and yoga tapes. She ignored everything. At the time I was quite hurt and upset that she wouldn’t even try things. Eventually I realised she had to do things her own way and what she really needed was my love and support whatever that way turned out to be. A few years into remission she joined a yoga class, so maybe I did sow a seed that just took a while to germinate. When I discovered Vipassana, I wanted to tell everyone I know, especially her, but I haven’t. I decided to just try and be an example. Maybe if people notice a difference in me they’ll ask questions and follow things up in their own way and their own time. She bought me a me meditation cushion for my birthday – so who knows?

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