Decision Making

Life is full of complex layered choices. One choice can have a ripple effect throughout our lives and the lives of the people around us. Timing can be just as important as the decision you make. By listening to my body through Vipassana I’m finding the ability to navigate the right path for me. Everyone is different, meaning the right path for each individual is also different. Ideally we should be able to come to the answers that are right for us without the help of others.

There are several ways Vipassana helps me with life decisions. First, it helps me balance my mind. Decisions can be stressful, and with stress comes craving and aversion. Often I find myself attached to one outcome or another which forces me out of the present moment and the present circumstances. Meditating forces me back into the present moment so I can observe the actual situation I’m currently facing.

Second, meditation helps me navigate the timing of certain decisions. Sometimes I try to force a decision just so I can move forward. Other times I avoid facing a decision because it feels like a painful lose-lose situation. Meditation allows me to comfortably wait for all of the details of the situation to become clear before I decisively make a decision and take action.

Finally, meditation allows me to act with love and compassion. Every decision has its cons, and often need to be communicated in a loving way. Vipassana allows me to connect with how my decisions will impact other people so I can choose my words and actions wisely. Life is tough and full of decisions, but Vipassana is helping me navigate the correctly one at a time.

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