Oil of Oregano or Vipassana?

The summer cold has hit me!

I work at a facility that sees a lot of school groups from around the province. Amazingly,  I had managed to completely avoid contracting the various colds and flues that had been making their rounds.

Friday was the last day of the school programs and – wouldn’t you know it – on Saturday I got sick.

I started to use Vipassana on the painful sensation in my throat which did seem to make it dissipate. However, it didn’t help during the night when I was awaken by congestion, coughing, and aching.

Had a relaxing meditation today but may just go back to bed now without an evening sit.

No insights of any great use this week. Except that one should have oregano oil handy at all times and don’t forget to frequently wash your hands!


2 thoughts on “Oil of Oregano or Vipassana?

  1. In such situation I lay down on the back, watch sensation on the extremities of the hand (palm) and leg along with the part where the sensation is strong (throat). Last few days I have similar situation, the moment I go to bed, start coughing and could not sleep.

  2. In my experience, Vipassana – or any insight-based meditation – is not primarily about healing or negating pain. The observation of pain or any sensation is done as part of ‘sampajanna’ – constant and thorough understanding of impermanence, the essence of the liberation practice. Healing, relief from pain, visions, and many other things that happen are best regarded as side-effects. Indeed, even the happiness and joy of meditation itself is simply a result that comes along and not our purpose in pursuing this path. Although we all came into this practice with some interests and goals and ambitions – be it liberation or self-improvement or relief from momentary suffering – a better understanding of the practice begins to grow as we follow it, and we realize that the practice itself, each session on one’s cushion, is best undertaken with no goals, no purpose, no hope of gain. No expectations. The operative phrase from the ‘sattipathanasutta’ is: “…having removed craving and aversion towards the world of mind and matter;…”.
    So have I heard.

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