The Mirror

Every time I want the world to change, a person to act differently, or to make a greater impact, this mirror keeps showing me my reflection. The mirror is telling me to look inside. I keep wanting to impact all of these things I have no control over. I keep believing I can change things for the better. This may become true at some point in the future, but right now it’s about me. It’s about growing deeper in my practice by holding more stringently to my precepts, strengthening my equanimity and awareness, and opening my body and heart through the practice of metta.

I need to stop thing about and concerning myself with everything else. I’m a student of a serious path to peace and happiness. I’ve taken a few steps in the right direction but there are a lot more steps to take and many more lessons to learn. I know I make a lot of mistakes every day. I know I’m not the perfect Vipassana student. I know I’ve only been practicing meditation for a few years. I just need to keep getting a little stronger every day so I make fewer mistakes and more correct choices every single day. There’s so much more to learn. Time to meditate.

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