Is It That Simple?

The only two things I need to pay attention to in my daily life are my physical and mental health. This statement is a proposal. Lets see if it can hold water. First, I want to express that I’m not married and I have no children. Obviously, if I had people in my life that depended on me to care for them things would be different. Taking care of my physical health is important because it allows me to function in this world. If I eat right, practice yoga, and exercise regularly I will feel healthier and happier. Mental health is a bit more complicated, but from the meditators perspective, I’m going to say that completing my daily meditations and facing the realities of life with equanimity is properly caring for my mental health.

If I do these to things continuously I think I’ve done everything I can for myself and to improve the world around me. The natural byproduct of these to actions include not throwing my problems on anyone else, contributing to society to the best of my ability at any given moment, and building healthy relationships with the people in my life. Thinking about anything beyond this is simply out of my control and is bound to create suffering in the form of anxiety, stress, and disappointment. Could it really be that simple? I can’t say I’m convinced, but at this moment I can’t come up with any challenges with this proposal. Can you? Time to meditate.

One thought on “Is It That Simple?

  1. Your statement “The only two things I need to pay attention to in my daily life are my physical and mental health” could be “Pay attention to I to understand its impersonal/unsatisfactoriness/impersonal nature”. It is very simple to understand but VERY HARD to practise as you have already noticed with your 10-day courses and daily practise.

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