Our Goal

We are sharing our personal thoughts and experiences to inspire you to discover the wonders of meditation and to help you establish your own daily practices. Living a life of dhamma is challenging but it is beneficial for you and the world around you. May this community become strong and supportive helping everyone to find peace and happiness in their lives.


7 thoughts on “Our Goal

  1. adelaide de bethanie

    many thanks for this site, we need to share and get inspired one by another, Bouddha said dhamma is 100% friendship

  2. Sagar Shinde

    Hi guys,i need guidance from you, i am architecture student & doing my thesis project on Vipassana & Research Centre. I really interested to design such beautiful structure.

  3. Maggie

    Thank you for providing this space to support Vipassana meditators with their own practice. I have just come out of my first 10 dayer at the pristine location at Dhamma Medini NZ. I am in awe of what I experienced, the whole experience was so humbling and I will be forever grateful for it 🙂

  4. Sumreet Singh Johar


    I am from India. I am old Vipassana student. I recently moved to Ames, Iowa for my graduate studies. I am looking to find some local meditators in my area so that I can contact them and see if informal group sitting can be done. Please let me know if you know of any Vipassana student in Ames, Iowa.



  5. Olivia

    So grateful to have stumbled upon this little nook of thoughtful presence. I’m currently living in Argentina where there is a small but growing Vipassana community. My main challenge is that I do not speak the language well and learning to do so will take some time as I do my work in english. That being said, having a place to connect to others committed to a similar path is a rare and precious gift. I look forward to reading more and send many thanks from the southern hemisphere for your service!

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