Dhamma Hall

Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to create a virtual dhamma hall where we can visit the website, insert name and select country and then start our daily sits. For this I have already purchased hosting (blue host) and domain name (dhammahall.com)
In my experience having a strong daily practise is one of the biggest challenges on the path and I believe a sense of community and support can make it a lot easier.
So I’m reaching out with the hope that someone might feel inclined to work on this simple yet immensely practical website idea!
I already have many ideas about how this can work (selecting group sit audios, etc..) but lack the technical knowledge to make it happen.
Please don’t hesitate to share what you think of this project and to contact me on facebook.
Much love and best wishes,
Cenk Matalon

About dhammaprojects

Dhamma Projects established February 2014. Connecting Vipassana meditators across the world whether in person or online, to conduct projects that integrate and spreads Dhamma out of the centre and into the everyday.
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